Age Regression Informational

Welcome, press the buttons or arrow below in order to learn about Age Regression and the community.If you still have any questions and the likes about Age Regression, you can always contact me or go to anybody/anything linked through this carrd. If you think there's something missing, false or seemingly controversial and not agreed upon in the community, you can always provide more info and correct me. Though, if you've provided anything that's been debunked or proven to be falsified, I will not add it to the carrd. Thank you.

What exactly +IS+ Age Regression?

Age Regression, otherwise known as Agere, is where someone reverts into a child-like state of mind. Agere is one of many safer, healthier and more calming coping mechanisms for those suffering from mental illnesses, extreme stress and past trauma/PTSD stemming from their childhood.The regression that one experiences is a much healthier coping mechanism one can use, as it keeps the person from doing other extremely harmful and self destructive things, such as chewing on their nails, pulling their hair out, self harm and indulging in illegal substances or alcohol.The regression that one experiences can put them in a mindset a couple years younger than their physical age, leaving them in the mindset of a tween or young teen. It can also put them in a mindset much younger than their physical age, leaving them in the mindset of a young child, toddler or even an infant.Regression can develop at any age, no matter how old or how young the person is. Many overwhelming emotions and situations can cause people to retreat into a child-like mindset, as reverting to a point in life where they felt safer or wanted to feel safer makes the regressor happier, makes them feel warm and allows them to forget about the things stressing them out in life for a short while.In short, age regression is a coping mechanism that provides a safe space, a break from life and a loving community for those needing it. Many regressors within the community also can benefit from a caregiver, with the caregiver normally giving them the extra support and helping them with an appropriate bedtime/nap schedule, a list of rules to deal with daily life and grooming, and other necessities they may need help with.


CGLRE/AGERE; Caregiver little regression and the shortened version of age regression. It is never sexual.
Little/Regressor; Other terms for someone who regresses. Little can also refer to a young alter within a DID/OSDD system.
Caregiver; This term refers to someone who looks after and takes care of a regressor when they're in that young mindset, and can be called any name they prefer. This can also refer to an alter who looks after the body or other alters.
Little Space; This term refers to when someone regresses to the mindset of an infant/child from the ages of 0-9.
Middle Space; This term refers to when someone regresses to the mindset of a tween/teen from the ages of 10-14.
Big Space; This term refers to when someone isn't regressed, they are currently in the headspace of their biological age.
Age Dreaming; This term refers to when someone is in a young headspace, does child-like things and behaves like a child, but doesn't actually regress and doesn't quite fit the term of regression.
Pet Regression/Petre; This term refers to when someone regresses into the mindset of an animalistic nature. This can be due to trauma, stress or neurodivergence.
Pet Dreaming; This term refers to when someone is in an animalistic headspace and behaves like an animal, but doesn't regress and doesn't quite fit the term of pet regression.
Partial Regression; This term refers to when someone doesn't entirely regress, only regressing partially into their young/pet mindset, and partially staying in their typical headspace.
Pure Regression; This term refers to when someone regresses in a happy and healthy manner without acting out in a bad way, leaving the regressor to go about their day happy and distress free.
Impure Regression; This term refers to when someone regresses in an unsafe and unhealthy manner, usually due to past trauma and other distressing issues arising. This causes the regressor to lash out and act in an unsafe manner, such as acting inappropriately, leading to them almost always needing a caregiver there to help them.
Voluntary Regression; This term refers to when someone can control when/where they regress in order to relieve and cope with their stress, mental illnesses, trauma or maybe for fun. Their mood and headspace is good enough to regress without consequence.
Involuntary Regression; This term refers to when someone cannot control when/where they regress. This is due to extreme levels of stress, other mental illnesses and/or trauma, causing the person to regress on the spot- mainly against their will -in order to protect themselves.


Age Regression is not, and never will be, a sexual thing. It is not related to anything illegal or pedophilic either.Many people link regression to NSFW/kink communities and pedo rings due to the many misconceptions surrounding it. Regression is only a coping mechanism that helps people get through extreme circumstances, to keep them from having emotional/mental breakdowns, to keep them from going through other unhealthy coping mechanisms, and to stop them from potential harm at their own hands.Regression should never be associated with DDLG/B, ABDL, ageplay, petplay, CGL, other kink branch offs and others that are similar to those specific communities listed. The communities listed are their own and should stay separate to what agere is, even if people crosstag and attempt to link the agere and NSFW communities together in some way. They should be and are their own thing.If this is the first time you were exposed to age regression and the community surrounding it, please don't automatically assume and continue to assume that we regress for sexual gratification. Rather, do some research and ask the people in the community about their experiences with regressing/caretaking, because we love seeing people educate themselves and supporting us rather than seeing them stay ignorant, uneducated and extremely rude.